Our customers love hygienic food.
You prepare – We deliver

About TiffinExpress

TiffinExpress Homemade food supplier in Lahore provides you homemade food with an excellent option to avail fresh,
home-style, nutritious and cost effective meals from your nearest kitchen for you. Join us to complete your home chef registration

How it works:

Customers enter a delivery address
via the app or website and select a kitchen nearby.

Restaurant / Chef accepts the order through the
mobile, and starts preparing the food for a
specific pick up time.

Our rider arrives at the right time to collect food
and delivers the order within 30-min after the order was placed.

Steps for activation!

Step 1

 Submit Your Detail

Step 4

Menu copy & further details will be collected

Step 2

 We reach-out  to you for more details

Step 5

Quick training given on phone call

Step 3

TiffinExpress sends contract

Step 6

Restaurant Goes Live

Interested for cooking? Fill in the form below
to become our partner and increase your revenue!

Format: Block, street name, building name, unit number
Please upload a copy of your menu as per current prices for in-store purchases.
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